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Visit the town voted the “Best Historic Town” in the country three years in a row by USA Today.


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Granbury, Texas, is renowned for its rich history and commitment to historic preservation. Established in the 1860s, the Historic District boasts buildings dating back to the late 1800s. Numerous structures have undergone meticulous restoration, proudly showcasing historical markers that narrate the city’s fascinating past.

History of Granbury Square

Granbury, Texas was founded in 1871 when most of the Historic Granbury Square was built. About 100 years later, Lake Granbury was built, fed from the Brazos River, a river that is the scenery of many Texas historical sites and movies. Granbury is known as the town “where Texas history lives,” making it a common vacation spot for history buffs and lake enthusiasts alike.

where Texas history lives

For many years, the town was the end-of-the-line for the Fort Worth and Rio Grande Railway. It’s also where many of the West’s most infamous characters ended up. In fact, Granbury’s historic downtown boasts 16 Texas historical markers.

Rich with History Granbury

Mary Lou Watkins, Queen of the Granbury Square

Mary, a former fashion model and author, gained fame for restoring Granbury’s town square. Recognizing its economic potential, she led the restoration of limestone structures, securing official recognition. Today, the square, with historic markers on 80% of buildings, stands as a testament to her dedication. You can find the statue of Mary across the street, overlooking N on the Square.

General Hiram B. Granbury, The Town’s Namesake

General Hiram B. Granbury was a prominent figure in the American Civil Wa. He served as a Brigadier General in the Army and played a crucial role in several key battles. His contributions to the war effort left a lasting impact, and in honor of his memory, the city of Granbury, Texas, was named after him. Granbury, Texas, continues to thrive as a vibrant community, blending its rich history with modern amenities and attractions for residents and visitors alike.


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